New product elimates horse’s desire to chew wood

  • Help is on hand for owners of horses that constantly chew their stable doors or wooden paddock fences and gates.

    American company Farnam has produced a new feed supplement called Quitt, designed to eliminate a horse’s desire to gnaw on wood.

    The supplement contains essential vitamins and minerals that will help satisfy a horse’s nutritional needs.

    Wood chewing can lead to health problems including wear to their teeth and colic associated with the ingestion of wood fragments.

    The habit can also become costly, if fences, rails and gates need replacing frequently.

    Wood chewing is often reported in young horses when temporary incisors are being replaced — but the habit is also caused by boredom, nervousness and seasonality.

    Farnam also says nutritional deficiencies is one of the top causes, and so Quitt aims to tackle this by addressing underlying nutrition issues.

    The supplement is available in 1.7kg tubs and costs £24.95

    Farnam says horses should stop wood chewing within 7-10 days of eating Quitt.


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