New pre-paid loyalty card gives equestrian discounts

  • Horse owners will be able to save money with a new pre-paid debit card, specifically for equestrians.

    The Card is a loyalty card that works in any store that accepts MasterCard, but also offers discounts in a number of equestrian stores.

    “It is initially an equestrian card but we are looking to branch out to other high street stores and restaurants,” said Martin Cowen from The Card.

    “It’s pre-paid so is also great for budgeting and money management in this climate. If you put on £100 you can only spend £100.”

    The Card can be used online or over the counter in partner companies to gain a minimum of 10 per cent discount on equestrian products.

    It is to be launched at the Royal Festival of the Horse this weekend (9-11 July) at Stoneleigh Park, Warks.

    Currently there are about 60 retailers signed up, including online shop TMO Saddlery.
    “I think it’s a great idea and should definitely help promote sales,” said TMO’s Christine Leonard.

    Becky Pearce from Albrighton Feeds added: “It’s really good for horse owners. Equestrianism is such an expensive sport, especially at the moment so I definitely think our customers would be interested. I’ll also get one for myself.”

    And Mr Cowen hopes The Card will be beneficial for the equestrian industry as a whole.

    “For every card subscribed to a donation of 15 to 20 per cent will given to equestrian sport and organisations, depending where they are purchased. For instance all cards bought at the Festival of the Horse will have a donation made to event,” he said.

    The white card costs £29.99 a year and a black card is £49.99 for added discounts including offers on certain ticket prices.

    For more information visit: www.the-card.co.uk

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