New pallet system for animal bedding designed

  • Hadfield Wood Recyclers has designed a new pallet system for horse bedding to offer a smaller stack size for easier storage and more efficient delivery.

    The manufacturers — who also make easibed shavings — claim that the “double-stack” system means two pallets, stacked with five bales, can be loaded on top of each other. While the number of pallets per lorry load remains the same, this system allows more bales per pallet.

    A spokesman said that a maximum of 1040 bales could now fit on a lorry, compared to 720 previously.

    Product development manager Trevor Coultan said that customers have been “very pleased”.
    “Not only do we get the same number of pallets on a lorry load, but we can actually get more bales of bedding per delivery, making it more cost-efficient for people buying our bedding,” he said. “This system makes it easier for storage and, in some cases, for handling of bales.”

    For more information visit: www.hadfield.co.uk

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