New life for neglected pony

  • A young pony has been signed over to the ILPH after being neglected by its owner

    An emaciated three-year-old 14hh coloured pony with seriously overgrown hooves has been signed over to the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) by its owner.

    Bluey was discovered on a DIY livery yard in a village near Swanley, Kent, by ILPH field officer Ted Barnes, following a complaint.

    I found Bluey shut in a stable full of excrement. It looked like he hadn’t been mucked out for a very long time,” says Ted. “His feathers were soaked in dung and urine and his feet were exceptionally long. The owners of other horses on the yard were extremely concerned about the lack of care he was receiving.”

    He is now recovering at the ILPH’s Cherry Tree Farm rehabilitation and recovery centre near Lingfield in Surrey.

    “When Bluey first arrived at Cherry Tree Farm his feetwere so overgrown that he was walking on his toes,” explains ILPH spokesperson Lynda Freebury. “The lack of care which he had suffered during his life has resulted in contracted tendons. This prevents him from putting his hind hooves flat on the floor.”

    The society is hopeful that Bluey’s tendons will improve over time enabling them to re-home him either as a companion or a riding pony in the future.

    He’s a lovely little chap and he deserves a second chance in life,” says Ian Gibbs, ILPH Cherry Tree Farm manager. “He has started putting on weight and his tendons are showing some signs of improvement.”

    To find out more about the ILPH’s work visit www.ilph.org

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