New life for donkeys found living on rotten carrots and filthy water

  • Two “pitiful” donkeys found with nothing to eat and drink but rotting carrots and maggot-infested water have been given a new start at The Donkey Sanctuary.

    Mother and daughter Molly and Phoebe were rescued along with 31 horses between 7 April and 30 May 2018 from a field off Main Street, Gowdall, and an open barn at a field at Hillam Road, both Yorkshire, as previously reported by H&H.

    Charly Wain, donkey welfare adviser at the Donkey Santuary said: “It was filthy where they were. The donkeys were in a cow pen and the trough had been filled with carrots which had just been left, it was absolutely vile and they had just gone mouldy. The smell was something I will never forget. The conditions they were in were completely unacceptable.”

    Molly’s teeth and hooves were “grossly” overgrown and Pheobe’s hooves were in “immediate” need of attention.

    “Both donkeys were incredibly nervous, shying away from any human contact, but with each day they are becoming more trusting and confident,” said Ms Wain.

    “With their improved health, along with their newfound confidence, the pair have really started to come out of their shells. Now more active and full of fun, they love nothing better than to gallop around their paddock together and to simply enjoying ‘being donkeys’,” a spokesman for the Donkey Sanctuary added.

    The Donkey Sanctuary

    The Donkey Santuary said Phoebe’s “rambunctious play” led to her injuring her left foreleg during the Christmas period which became a “serious issue” after it began to swell and affected the nerves resulting in partial paralysis and she was treated at a specialist equine clinic.

    “Phoebe’s injured leg was bandaged and put into a splint to give her extra support and to limit movement. She was also given medicine to help with the pain and swelling, and her condition monitored very closely,” said the spokesman.

    “Thankfully, Phoebe’s leg started to regain movement once the swelling was under control, and after a few weeks’ hospital care, she no longer needs the splint or bandages.”

    Staff expect Phoebe to make a full recovery.

    John Michael Humphrey, 32, of Sandway Drive, Thorpe Willoughby, pleaded guilty to 25 offences under the Animal Welfare Act when he appeared at Selby Magistrates’ Court on 24 October. He was banned from keeping all animals for life, sentenced to 17 weeks in prison and ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge.

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