New Horse & Hound Plus service launched

  • Horse & Hound is delighted to unveil our latest online development, which will bring the best of our independent journalism to more readers than ever before as soon as stories are written.

    Horse & Hound Plus is a new paid-for online service that includes access to our exclusive breaking news and opinion from top equestrians before the weekly magazine goes on sale.

    Horse & Hound Plus members also have a new in-depth veterinary library available to them, which contains the latest thinking based on recent research on the most common conditions horses owners are likely to come across. The library, which has been curated and approved by Horse & Hound’s top vet consultant Karen Coumbe, continues to grow weekly and will serve as an A-Z of equine ailments for owners to refer to as required.

    A further benefit of Horse & Hound Plus membership is a streamlined premium appearance to the website, meaning readers can enjoy our online journalism without interruption.

    A 30-day free trial is available so everyone can experience the benefits of the new service, while an extended trial period is available to current magazine subscribers – full details will be on a carrier sheet accompanying this week’s magazine (Thursday 5 December). Those who take up the free trial can cancel at any time if they decide the service is not for them. Find out more >>

    H&H Editor-in-Chief Sarah Jenkins said: “For those who want to consume their journalism online, with ultimate immediacy, whether or not they also enjoy reading the print magazine in the tackroom or around the breakfast table when it arrives, this new service is for you and I truly hope you enjoy using it.

    “It is exciting for Horse & Hound to be growing in this way, adapting to readers’ differing habits and providing what each of you want in the way you want it now.

    “As someone whose horses have experienced a great many ailments and conditions over the past decade, I welcome our new online veterinary library resource. It is no substitute for your vet, of course, but it will enable you to feel more informed on the latest thinking on conditions, a subsequently feel more in control of doing what we all want to do — the right thing for our horses.”

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