New Heiniger clippers on the market

  • Animal clippers and shearers manufacturer Heiniger has added two new products to its range in time for winter.

    The Saphir Style clippers can run continuously for an hour with a fully charged battery and so can be used without a power cord. It is designed for all-day, heavy-duty use.

    The Saphir Cord – which comes with ten blades – does require a power cord but there is a transformer in the plug so the three metre cable is only carrying 7.2 volts.

    “These clippers are aimed at serious grooms and competition lovers – they really are about that winning finish,” said Susan Goodfellow from Heiniger supplier Cox Agri.

    “With both the products, high quality Swiss engineering and technology meets a fashionable finish to complement your tack box.”

    The Saphir Style costs £240 and the Saphir Cord is £154.

    For more information visit www.coxagri.com

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