New dog stars in EastEnders

  • Two-year-old Lhasa Apso, Terence, makes his debut on the BBC’s soap, EastEnders

    The BBC soap, EastEnders, has a new four-legged cast member. He is two years old, small and shaggy and by all accounts will take stardom in his stride.

    Owner and stunt dog trainer, Jill Raddings, said: “Terence is a great, bold, outgoing and bombproof dog. He absolutely loves all the fuss and attention he gets. The cast adore him.”

    Jill, who also owns another dog from the series, Well’ard a German Shepherd cross, was told they had written in a Lhasa Apso some time ago.

    She found and bought Terence, who lives in Oxfordshire when off duty – then named Caspar – and has taught him all the “acting” skills he needs, such as sitting up and begging and barking on command.

    In the storyline, Terence is given to Janine Butcher as a present from her boyfriend, Billy Mitchell.

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