New elite dressage auction to be held at CDI3* show

  • A new elite dressage auction will be held by Brightwells at the Addington CDI3* in Buckinghamshire next year (21 March).

    This will be the first time that an auction has been held alongside an international dressage competition in the UK.

    Fifteen high-quality dressage horses are being selected from across Europe. There are expected to be a number of higher level trained horses included in the collection as well as one or two top dressage ponies.

    The selection of the auction horses will be completed by 5 February next year and prospective clients will be able to take advantage of private viewings and riding the horses at their stables in Europe from this date. Brightwells agents will be able to collect and arrange trips for potential customers.

    Richard Botterill of Brightwells said: “The auction of the elite dressage collection is another exciting step forward in bringing high quality dressage horses to the UK to sell to an international audience.

    “The focus is on top-quality horses that command the attributes to successfully compete at championship level and a number of exceptional horses have already been earmarked.”

    Earlier this year Brightwells organised the first elite horse auction alongside an international three-day event at Blenheim (12 Setember). The sale recorded an average price of £13,900 and a top price of £26,000 for a four-year old.

    Mr Botterill said afterwards: “The first ever Blenheim sale has been a learning curve not only for Brightwells but the vendors and prospective purchasers. The support from the event riders and owners has been amazing and the sale now has the opportunity to go forward and provide a vibrant market for quality young horses.”

    Timetable of events:
    Thursday 5 February — auction horses available to be viewed and tried at their stables.
    Thursday 19 March — presentation of auction horses at Addington
    Saturday 21 March — The auction of the elite dressage collection. The auction will take place at 9pm after the completion of the FEI grand prix freestyle

    For further details email: Richard.botterill@brightwells.com

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