Rescued filly found in desperate state looking for new home

  • A pony found emaciated and lice-ridden earlier this year is now looking for a new home.

    The bay filly was spotted by the public on 20 April in a field in Hatfield Heath, Essex.

    dora rescued

    Dora was clipped following her rescue

    RSPCA officers were called to the site and eventually caught the yearling.

    “We received a call about this pony and although when we attended we could clearly see she was in a bad way, she certainly wasn’t going to come quietly,” said RSPCA inspector Kate Fletcher.

    “Though she didn’t want to be caught she obviously couldn’t stay where she was and was in desperate need of care — the vets gave her a body score of 0.5 out of 5.

    Dora recovering

    Dora following her rescue

    “It was nice to see she had some spark left in her after what had obviously been a really horrid period of neglect and abandonment, but in reality she was probably only days away from collapse.”

    The filly’s fur was matted, her mane and tail completely overgrown, she was riddled with lice and her belly and legs were caked in faeces.

    She was named Dora and was taken to Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic in Essex, where she stayed for two months and was nursed back to health.

    Dora now

    Dora today

    Dora is now being kept at RSPCA Lockwood Centre for Horses and Donkeys in Godalming, Surrey, and is looking for a new home.

    “She is such a little sweetheart and we can’t wait to see her in a forever home,” said Anna Hemmings, manager at RSPCA Lockwood.

    “Despite being just a yearling, she is easy to handle in all respects. She has made lots of friends here at Lockwood and is loving living out in the fields with plenty of grass, so is putting on weight nicely.

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    “Dora’s ideal home would have plenty of grazing where she can live out but have access to a field shelter, preferably some other ponies too so she can continue her adventures while she matures and fills out.

    “We think she’ll be around 12hh when she’s fully grown, and she may even be able to be ridden one day when she is ready. Either way, she will make a fantastic companion pony and is looking for a home where she will have lots of love and cuddles.”

    Those considering rehoming Dora should call the centre on 0300 123 0720.

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