Mongolian herds face grim future

  • As the winter freeze takes grip, a charity is appealing for funds to help the nomads of Mongolia save their horses

    There are fears that herds of Mongolian horses could diein another severe winter. In the past two years, more than 100,000 animals are believed to have perished because of the harsh conditions.

    Mongolian nomads depend entirely on herd animals for their livelihood, without their horses they cannot reach their sheep goats or cattle, get to market or travel.

    The Cambridge Mongolian Disaster Appeal has launched its second campaign to help save the animals.

    “One of factors is poor grazing in the summer, whichmeans that the animals face the winter months below par. The animals become debilitated and may even freeze to death. ” said John Pirie from the charity.”It’s early days for this winter yet but it’s not looking good. “

    Thecharity is hoping to help on two fronts. It plans to introduce grass-cutting machines, which would be drawn by horses and adapted to the conditions in the north. This would provide more hay for the animals.

    It also plans to increase the number of wells and renovate old ones, so there is a better supply of drinking water.

    The charity has received around £10,000 from SPANA ( the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad), but as part of the agreement for that funding, it must itself raise a further £10,000 at least.

    To make a donation ( tel: 0135 669610) or contact: The Cambridge Mongolian Disaster Appeal, 18, John Amner Close, Ely, Cambs CB6 1DT.

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