MoD improves access to North Yorkshire Moors

  • The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has created a 1.6km permissive bridleway through the RAF Fylingdales estate on the North Yorkshire Moors. Improving access to the SSSI, the new path links Lyke Wake walk to the north with Allerston bridleway to the south.

    A permissive bridleway is not an official right of way but one where the landowner has granted access to riders at his or her discretion. The MoD retains land around the unit’s headquarters for security purposes.

    “This is an exceptionally beautiful part of North Yorkshire, which supports a huge wealth of wildlife,” said Wing Commander Nicky Loveday, station commander at RAF Fylingdales. “I am delighted that many more people will now be able to enjoy it as much as the personnel at Fylingdales do.”

    The new bridleway borders a stretch of the Eller Beck stream, where riders might spot water voles or otters.

    The initiative is part of the MoD’s commitment to provide access to its land where this is compatible with military activity, public safety and conservation interests.

    “We welcome all new off-road routes and are very grateful to the MOD for creating this new permissive bridleway,” said Henry Whittaker, the British Horse Society’s senior executive. “It will link the existing bridleways to make a useful round ride.”

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