Mobiles aid racehorse charity

  • A fund-raising scheme for a racehorse charity is launched at Cheltenham races by a mobile phone company

    A mobile phone service provider recently launched a new campaign at Cheltenham races which will raise money for a racehorse rehabilitation charity.

    Will Freeborough, marketing director of Direct Answers Racing, said: “We will donate at least £20 for each mobile phone deal sold or transferred through the season and 5% of the value of every call to the charity, Rehabilitation for Racehorses.”

    The company has guaranteed a minimum donation of £20,000 to the charity, but says it expects to raise “well over this amount through the national hunt season”.

    The launch at Cheltenham was the feature race of the final day, the Rehabilitation of Racehorses Hurdle, won by Westender with Tony McCoy.

    “Racehorses give great pleasure while they are racing – we need a safety net to help them when they come outof training,” said chairman of Rehabilitation of Racehorses, Andrew Barker Bowles.

    The charity gives money to three approved centres in the country, which help to rehabilitate racehorses to other equestrian activities – a task which can take up to five months.

    For more information (tel:08702 433 133)

    Visit: www.directanswers.co.uk

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