Men arrested for killing a horse by injecting swimming pool acid

  • Two men from Arizona, USA have been arrested for killing a horse by injecting it with swimming pool acid.

    The men from New River, Arizona, were arrested on animal cruelty charges on Tuesday (6 April). According to Phoenix TV station KPHO, authorities found one horse dead after the acid injection and another starving to death.

    Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office arrested Laurel George and John Henkle, both 54, on multiple animal cruelty charges.

    Detectives said that a 26-year-old Arabian mare was killed in early March with a home-made injection of pool aid and sodium bicarbonate, which probably caused “extreme distress and pain”.

    A 15-year-old gelding was also found suffering from extreme malnutrition and starvation.

    The surviving horse is being cared for at an animal safe haven unit, from where it will be put up for adoption.

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