Meet Real Horse of the Year finalist: Flicker

  • Flicker survived a horrific accident with a car before coming second at the prestigious Royal Highland show

    Mesra Lad, a palomino 15.1hh part-bred Arab gelding known as “Flicker”, survived a horrific head-on collision with a car, before going on to success in the private driving class at the Royal Highland Show just 10 weeks later.

    Flicker’s owner of 11 years, Diana Lindsay, the Countess of Lindsay, explains: “Flicker was 20-years-old when the accident happened. We were out exercising Flicker and another horse in tandem in the rain.”

    A bus allegedly overtook the driving turnout at speed, spraying the horses, which took fright and bolted. The wheeler (the second horse) was faster than Flicker, who was in the lead, and forced him out into the path of an oncoming car.

    “I’m not absolutely sure what happened next. I was told Flicker landed around 10yds behind the car on his facewith the other horse and carriage on top of him.

    “He was an absolute mess. The front of his face was crushed. I spent the next few weeks caring for him at home with the vet’s help. During those first few weeks we removed so many slithers of bone from his skull that it was amazing there was any bone left to heal.”

    Flicker made a marvellous recovery from the traumatic incident and has continued to given Diana pleasure both under saddle and in harness.

    “Eight weeks after the accident, I drove him down to our local junior school in the centre of St Andrews, through all the traffic and he never turned a hair.

    “Two weeks later, we were second as a single in the private driving class at the RoyalHighland Show.”

    Now 22 years old, Flicker still enjoys his driving and is preparing for another season hunting.

    “He’s a fantastic hunter,” says Diana. “He did a full season’s hunting immediately after recovering from the accident and loved every second of it.

    “He may be scarred on the outside, but in his heart he’s as strong as a lion.”

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