Martin Collins Group acquires Softrack Surfaces Ltd

  • The Martin Collins Group has bought fellow equestrian surfaces specialist Softrack Surfaces Ltd.

    Softrack will continue trading under its own name however it will now benefit from combined research with Martin Collins Enterprises (MCE), which has surfaced half of the world’s 30 all-weather racecourses.

    The Softrack surface will now be subject to MCE’s market leading testing programme.

    Production of the surface will continue West Malling plant in Kent but the Martin Collins Group will also have use of the facilities.

    Both companies have pledged themselves to promoting a recognised industry standard.

    Martin Collins said: “We are delighted that we have brought Softrack into the group. I have always had a high professional regard for Softrack products.

    “Softrack represents a value-for-money entry level surface, suitable for medium usage, and we are currently putting the weight of our research and development capability to improve the performance and consistency of the brand.”

    After Softrack went into administration in September 2010 it was purchased by Hugh Daly who began talks with MCE.

    Daly will now lead a team at the MC Group in charge of sport horse surfacing and construction.

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