Lucky escape for mare who tried to climb on derelict roof

  • A mare has been rescued after becoming trapped when she attempted to climb onto the roof of a derelict building in her field last week (17 February).

    The 12-year-old horse, named Lilly, became stuck when the weak roof buckled under her weight causing the building to fall in on top of her.

    It is not clear how or why Lilly climbed on to the building in her field in Dove Close, Bedworth.

    Firefighters from Bedworth and the large animal rescue team from Rugby came to her assistance at 7.26am.

    She was sedated by a vet before crews removed the wooden panels and rubble surrounding her.

    According to the team, Lilly was “very patient” throughout the rescue and walked away with just a few scrapes on her hind legs.

    “As soon as we arrived, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy job to free the horse, so we called in for the assistance of our large animal rescue team from Rugby Fire Station,” said Ben Shaw, crew commander from Bedworth Fire Station.

    “Once the horse was sedated, the crews quickly got to work clearing the roofing and rubble, so it could be lifted to free the horse.

    “A huge thanks goes to the vet working with us — it was a real team effort.

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    “It is always great at the end of these types of incidents to see the animal freed safely back into their owner’s care. It really does make your day!”

    A video of the rescue was published on social media and has received thousands of views.

    Members of the public commented on the footage commending the rescuers for their efforts to save Lilly.

    “Massive respect, legends,” wrote Facebook user Gary Barnett.

    “Well done everyone!” commented Lisa Woodford.

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