Marathon challenge for Arabs

  • This year’s Arab Horse Society’s Marathon promises a competitive international line-up featuring leading endurance riders

    This Sunday’s Arab Horse Society Marathon on Salisbury Plain has one of the most competitive line-ups in years.

    Three British international endurance riders are taking part: Jo Trego will partner her promising Sahirra Silver Moon, World Games rider Sarah Tyson has entered the veteranValtnor Park Armistice, while Emma Froehlich will take on the challenge with Anne Newton’s Dashar.

    Sheikh Mohammed, fresh from third place at last weekend’s Egyptian FEI ride, has four horses entered in the race.

    Strong challenges will come from Martha Kiley-Worthington whose Obelix and Shemal were first and second in 2000 and Brian Boulton with the evergreen Al Jabal, placed second last year.

    The event runs over the marathondistance of 26 1⁄4 miles. While most of the race is conducted at a gallop, there is a compulsory walk section and a vetgate with a 15 min hold.

    Horses have 30 min to present to the vet at the vetgate and must have a pulse of less than 64 beats per minute within that time.

    The 26th AHS Marathon starts from Everleigh on Salisbury Plain at 11am and admission is free.

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