Man reunited with police horse he saved from savage dog attack

  • A member of the public who saved a police horse from a savage dog attack “was overwhelmed” to be given an award for his bravery.

    David Wilson received the British Horse Society’s Sefton award earlier this month (12 October).

    Mr Wilson was working in Greenwich Park on 22 January 2014 when he saw the incident happen.

    Sefton Awards IMG_4375The young police horse called Quixote was in training with the Metropolitan Police when he was attacked by a loose French bull terrier cross Staffordshire bull terrier.

    Mr Wilson ran over and “rugby tackled” the dog, holding it to his own chest until the owner put it on a lead.

    It was a situation that needed stopping. No-one was doing anything at the time and I felt I had to do something,” he said.

    “I was just doing what felt right at the time, so it’s really nice to get some appreciation for it.”

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    Quixote needed veterinary treatment for the puncture wounds to his chest.

    The attack meant his training took longer to compete but he is now a fully-fledged police horse stationed in Whitehall.

    Mr Wilson was reunited with Quixote when he was presented with the Sefton award at the Household Cavalry’s mounted regiment’s barracks in Knightsbridge.

    “Considering what could have happened to him — he could have been completely traumatised — it’s fantastic to see him out on ‘the beat’ and doing so well,” he said.

    Alistair Blamire, a horse trainer for the Metropolitan Police who was riding the horse when the attack happened said: “It is superb to see Quixote here today, as it is to see David again and to have the opportunity to thank him.”

    Nuala Preston from Pembrokeshire also received a Sefton Award this year for her hard work and dedication to improve equestrian safety across Wales.

    The Sefton Awards were set up by the BHS in 1990 as a legacy to Sefton, the Household Cavalry horse who survived the IRA bombings in London in 1982.

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