Man jailed for crossbow shooting

  • A man who shot 18in bolts into two ponies in Newcastle has beenjailed for two years

    Mark Telford, a 28-year-old plumber has been jailed by NewcastleCrown Court for a total oftwo yearsafter he shot two ponies in a field in Whickham, Gateshead in March2000.

    Two of the charges brought by the Crown Prosecution Service werefor “damage to property”, whichrelated to the two ponies. He was jailed for three months for each oneto run concurrently.

    Other charges related to manufacturing and possessing a prohibitiveweapon.

    Sentencing Mark Telford, judge Tony Lancaster said: ” You are a manfascinated by weapons, by killinganimals and by outdoor pursuits.

    “You appear to have an unhealthyinterest in the SAS and militarymatters.”

    Police are reported to have found survival books at Telford’s homein Swalwell, which showed details ofhow to bring down and kill wild animals.

    The two ponies were Prince, a five-year-old gelding, who was shotbetween the eyes and Frisco, athree-year-old mare, who was found with bolts sticking out of herneck and rib cage.

    The judge said the photographs of the injuries to the two ponieswere unpleasant tolook at andconcluded that the horses must have suffered considerable pain.

    Both ponies have made a recovery.

    The judge ordered the destruction of the defendant’s crossbow, aswell as his home-made firearm andsaid he hoped Telford would be refused a firearm licence if he everapplied for one in the future.

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