Man jailed for 56 days for shooting donkey

  • A Cornwall man who killed his sister’s donkey has been jailed for 56 days.

    Darrel Duffill, 54, a recovering alcoholic from Duloe, south east Cornwall, had reportedly drunk half a bottle of rum before shooting the donkey in the head on 28 February.

    He appeared before Bodmin Magistrates for sentencing on 23 March following pleading guilty on 2 March to shooting his sister’s donkey with an air rifle.

    Magistrates described it as a “particularly nasty and callous offence, which had a horrendous impact”.

    His sister Carolyn Jones found the 10-year-old donkey Claude, lying in a pool of blood in his stable.

    The pair had reportedly had an argument earlier that day in which he’d said: “You better watch out. You might have a dead donkey, chicken or pony in the morning.”

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