Man arrested for throwing 5ft inflatable penis at police horse

  • Three people were arrested last weekend in Kansas after spooking a police horse with a 5ft inflatable penis.

    A large group of women in their 20s were at a hen party in the Old Town area of Wichita at about 1.20am on Sunday (22 March).

    The 24-year-old brother of one of the girls threw the inflatable penis at the horse, striking and spooking it.

    A police spokesman told local press “While he was joking around with this large toy, he launched it toward one of our officers, who was on horseback.”

    The man who threw the penis was arrested on suspicion of battery of a law enforcement officer.

    His sister was then arrested for grabbing the officer’s arm.

    Meanwhile another of the women hit the horse on the head and was trodden on. She was treated at the scene for injureies — and then also arrested.

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