Making roads safer for riders

  • Support HORSE Magazine’s National Horse & Road Safety Day 2002 and make the roads a safer place for horses and riders

    Riders can help make the roads safer for horses by supporting HORSE magazine’s National Horse & Road Safety Day 2002 on Saturday 12 October.

    For the past five years HORSE has campaigned annually to make riding on the roads safer for everyone. It aims to make as many drivers as possible aware of how they should react when meeting riders on the roads.

    HORSE also encourages riders to be polite and pleasant to motorists by thanking them when they do drive with care.

    How you can help

    The October issue of HORSE includes a flyer and poster to help promote the cause.

    How you can help

  • Photocopy as many flyers as you can and hand them to as many drivers as possible. Post flyers through letterboxes in your street or road or place them under the windscreen wipers of cars in a local car park, boot fairs or sporting events.
  • Display the poster where the public can see.
  • If your local newspaper has an equestrian column ask if they can help you gain support from other riders in your area.
  • Contact local equestrian centres, yards and riding schools and encourage them to support you. The more people involved the more drivers they can reach.

    Road safety guidelines


    • Be courteous
    • Be aware of everything that’s going on around you
    • Use signals to communicate your intentions and wishes to drivers
    • Be visible – wear reflective clothing at all times
    • Don’t take risks


    • Pass wide and slow
    • Keep your distance
    • Don’t make any suddenor loud noises
    • Expect to see a rider on a horse around the next bend
    • Respect a rider’s signals
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