Madonna’s horse fall: “no mention” of paparazzi in police report

  • Madonna’s horse riding accident earlier this week might not have been caused by paparazzi as previously claimed.

    American websites and magazines are now reporting that a police statement contradicts that issued by the singer’s publicist.

    On Sunday(19 April), Madonna’s representative, Liz Rosenberg, said the star’s horse had been spooked by a photographer on Saturday (18 April).

    “The accident occurred when the horse Madonna was riding was startled by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer, who was visiting friends on Eastern Long Island over the weekend,” Ms Rosenberg said in a statement to US press.

    But now it appears Madonna did not report the cause of the accident as paparazzi to the police.

    “There is no mention of photographers,” Sgt Herbert Johnson of the Southampton Village Police Department told a US website TMZ.

    “They would have written ‘paparazzi’ if they felt there was a problem,” he said.

    And E!News reported that another police officer, Chris Brenner, also said a photographer was not reported.

    “She was a victim of a fall from a horse. We have no mention of the paparazzi.

    “We got a call that the subject fell off the horse and treated it as an aided case. The complainant was a victim of fall from horse. Unknown injury.”

    And the photographer in question, Thomas Hinton has said he arrived 10 minutes after Madonna fell — and if he’d been there he would have photos of her falling off.

    Madonna was taken to Southampton Hospital for treatment.

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