Lost miniature stallion appeal

  • Hampshire police are appealing for information about a 28″ miniature grey stallion that has appeared, mysteriously, in a field in the area.

    The miniature pony (pictured) was found last Wednesday (28 July) in a field at Ashfordhill, Headley, but no reports have been received of it having been lost or stolen.

    The stallion is believed to be about five years old, and wearing a blue nylon headcollar, leading police to believe that his disappearance has probably been noticed.

    The pony was believed to have been removed from the field once again yesterday, suggesting that the owner had “nomadic tendencies”, but it later emerged that the landowner had shut the pony in a stable to prevent any problems caused by the richness of the grass. For security reasons the pony has now been moved to a different location.

    Hampshire police are desperate to locate the owner and reunite them with the stallion, but if the owner is not found within 28 days, the stallion will be retained by the finder or the finder’s agent, and treated as “found” property.

    “There is a technical offence of abandonment here”, explains David Collings of Hampshire Police. “Perhaps the owner has dumped the pony because they didn’t want to have to get a passport.”

  • Any one with information about the miniature pony should contact David Collings on 07867 972868 or PC Gary Edwards via Basingstoke Police Station (Tel: 0845 045 4545)
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