Loose horses wreck police car

Police officers investigating reports of loose horses in West Lothian had their Panda car wrecked after one of the animals ploughed into it.

The policemen were called to a narrow lane in the rural outskirts of Linlithgow in the early hours of Friday morning (27 June). They were following up reports of six horses that had escaped from a nearby field.

They parked the car on the road and had only just got out of the vehicle when the horses panicked and galloped back down the lane straight at them.

One of the animals went straight over the top of the car bonnet, smashed through the windscreen and badly damaged the roof.

Both the officers managed to escape uninjured but one suffered serious shock and had to go off duty following the incident.

Apolice spokesperson says: “The horses were not being aggressive, they were just trying to get away.”

They were later rounded up and were not found to suffering from any obvious injuries.

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