Owner banned for three years after horse dies in waterlogged field *warning: upsetting image*

  • The owner of a horse who died in a waterlogged field has been given a three-year ban and fined £1,579.

    Kyla Martin, 27, of Burslem, admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to a horse at Newcastle Magistrates Court on 4 December.

    The 22-year-old horse, Delta, was left in the field, unsupervised, with no access to a well-drained area where she could stand or rest.

    She was found dead in a spring in the field.

    Kyla Martin

    Due to the wet conditions, it took members of Staffordshire County Council’s animal health team eight days before they could reach the dead horse and remove the body.

    In her defence, Ms Martin was said to be unaware of the spring in the field.

    Magistrates ordered her to pay £1,579, plus costs, and banned her from keeping horses for three years.

    “People who keep any animal have a duty to ensure they are well cared for and kept free from harm,” said Cllr Gill Heath, the council’s leader on trading standards, following the hearing.

    “The judge in this case recognised that a horse was left to suffer in totally unsuitable conditions, and banned this person from keeping horses for three years.

    “Our trading standards animal health officers work with businesses and horse owners to make them aware of the legislation — the vast majority are responsible and play an important part in Staffordshire’s economy.

    “However, where there is neglect they will take prompt action.”

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