Key-less padlocks and bolts launched to stop stable escapees

  • A range of key-less padlocks and bolts aimed at foiling equine escape merchants has been launched.

    The team at Pegasus Innovations devised the No-Ke padlock after a colleague’s horse escaped from its stable “once too often”.

    Developer Mak Ubhi said: “Just push the buttons and our padlocks and bolts open — they’re really quick release.”

    The padlocks and bolts are made with an anodised aluminium body, stainless steel hasp and buttons which makes them rust-proof.

    The hasp is extra-long making them easy to use on gates and stables.

    Mr Ubhi said the locks are ideal for use on a stable yard where keys are fiddly and unnecessary

    “But there is no way the horse can tamper with them,” he said.

    “You don’t need a bunch of keys, and nor does anybody else at the yard.”

    The padlocks and bolts are available in range of colours and sizes. Trade packs or 12 and more are available at wholesale prices.

    Prices start at £19.95. For more information, visit www.no-ke.co.uk

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