Keep Calm polo shirts launched in response to dire summer

  • Inspired by this summer’s desperate weather, that has forced the cancellation of many equestrian events, British designer Timothy Foxx has launched a new polo shirt.

    The limited edition “Keep Calm, It’s Only Another Event Cancelled!” polo shirt has been designed to “embrace the great British attitude in the face of uncertainty” said the company’s Rosalie Eustace.

    “Despite all the extremely sad show cancellations, everyone is really pulling together to help each other, from the organisers involved, through to the retailers affected,” she added.

    “It’s that great British bravado and positive spirit that we’ve seen time and time again first hand. We wanted to celebrate this with a polo shirt slogan, which is trying to keep a cheery outlook, as best we can in circumstances, which are otherwise very depressing. We hope that the sun does come out soon and stay out for all concerned.”

    The polo shirts come in women’s sizes 8-16 and men’s small to extra large. They cost £30.

    For more information visit: www.timothyfoxx.co.uk

    To read more about how the weather has affected retailers see Thursday’s issue of H&H (19 July).

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