Justice for victims of horse theft

  • The victim of multiple horse thefts has launched an initiative to help beat rural equine crime

    A breeder who had 10 of her horses stolen has launched a new initiative to bring horse thieves to justice.

    Rose Jay, who breeds Morabs (the American organisation for half bred Morgan cross Arabs), set up The Rural and Equine Crime Committee after seven mares and three foals were stolen from her rented field in Upton upon Severn in Worcester.

    Although the perpetrators were known to both Rose and the police, a case against the thieves could not be brought because there was a dispute over who was renting the land and also because Rose could not prove the horses were hers.

    The Rural and Equine Crime Committee will help the victims of crime bring civil cases which can often proceed with less evidence than criminal cases.

    Rose told The Daily Telegraph that ruralequine crime is on the increase.

    “Anyone who has been the victim of a crime knows just how devastating it can be, rural crime, especially horse crime is shooting up. Civil cases are the only answer if people want justice.”

    Rose has been breeding Morabs in Britain for 15 years. The loss of these horses has destroyed her breeding programme.

    Among the five committee members are Whinray Coates a local councillor and former mayor of Malvern in Worcester. She told The Daily Telegraph that they hoped to link up with other groups such as Horsewatch and provide the victims of crime with some hope of getting their property back.

    For more information or to report a stolen horse to TheRural and Equine Crime Committee (tel: 01684 592911).

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