Junior riders invited to JumpCross

  • JumpCross training day opened to young riders as junior classes are planned for later in the year

    JumpCross, the team sport which involves riders jumping against the clock over specially designed knockdown fences on natural terrain, will open up to junior riders at the end of the season.

    At present JumpCross is only open to riders aged 16 years and above, but “J Group” classes for 12 to 15-year-old juniors riding ponies exceeding 13.2hh are in the pipeline for later in the year.

    “We always wanted to have a section for juniors,” says Robin Dunlop, JumpCross director. “But, we wanted to test the sport and get feedback from senior riders before letting the juniors looseon the course.”

    “J Group” competitors will be able to choose from the three course height sections (2ft 9in, 3ft 3in and 3ft 9in) as they compete alongside the seniors. Young riders wishing to try the new sport are advised to go to a training day before competing.

    “Interest in the sport is continuing to grow,” says Robin. “We have had enquires from Pony Clubs and Riding Clubs as well as a number of other venues which are interested in holding competitions in the future. We have evenhad side-saddle riders asking about the sport.”

    The next JumpCross training day at Grange Farm EC, near Peterborough on Monday 23 July will include the first sessions for “J Group” riders.

    The next JumpCross competition takes place on Saturday, 14 July at Grange Farm. Classes for the event are at heights from 2ft 9in to 3ft 9in.

    For details, visit www.jumpcross.com or (tel: 01780 782356).

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