John Francome and Peter Scudamore to inspire young jockeys

  • Former top jockeys John Francome and Peter Scudamore will be passing on their top tips to budding young jockeys at a pony racing instruction day next Tuesday.

    Former leading amateur jockey and H&H racing correspondent Marcus Armytage will also be on hand to give advice. And Katie Williams, head nutritionist at Dengie will be talking about feeding and care of ponies.

    The instruction day will be held at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire on Tuesday 17 February.

    Topics such as feeding, fitness, etiquette and race day procedure will be covered as well as practical demonstrations.

    The instruction day will also mark the launch of the 2009 Pony Club Race Day Season.

    Eight venues across the country — including Cheltenham and Ascot — will hold Pony Club Race Days this year.

    A spokesman for the Pony Club said: “The race days were introduced as a grassroots level for the young jockeys of the future.

    “We had about 200 children riding in last year’s days — lots know about the industry and come from a racing background but many don’t, so it’s a way of educating them with an entertaining day.

    “More than 120 kids have signed up for the instruction day already, it is a discipline that is really growing in popularity.

    For more information visit: www.pcuk.org

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