6-year-old rider hospitalised after pony spooked by dirt bike

  • A child who was hospitalised after his pony was spooked by a dirt bike is recovering well and is back riding again.

    Six-year-old Jake Marriner was riding his pony, Molly, on a road in Carshalton, Surrey last month (19 January).

    Molly was being led by Jake’s mother, Christine, and they were accompanied by another horse and rider.

    “We were just on a little hack round the block and had gone about 100yards out of the yard when I spotted a dirt bike pratting around,” Mrs Marriner told H&H today (Wednesday, 3 February).

    “The bike stopped about 20 yards in front of us and came directly across Katie’s horse. The horse knocked into me as it spun for home and I fell over, losing grip on Molly’s lead rein.”

    Katie’s horse headed back for the stables, and Molly spooked and moved off the pavement, where they had been standing to avoid the bike, into the path of an oncoming car.

    Jake fell on to the road, landing face down with such force that his helmet cracked.

    “Luckily the car didn’t hit either of them. It was terrifying. I was screaming and ran to Jake. I couldn’t believe it as the car just kept going,” added Mrs Marriner.

    Molly, who Mrs Marriner told H&H is “worth her weight in gold”, was unharmed and returned on her own to the yard.

    The biker, said Mrs Marriner, was “swearing and laughing”.

    “I think he was in his early 20s, but with a helmet on and riding the bike it’s hard to say anymore,” she added.

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    Jake went into shock and was taken to hospital.

    “He was talking when he fell off,” added Mrs Marriner. “He was more worried about the pony. But he lost consciousness once he was in hospital.”

    Jake suffered cuts and bruises and concussion.

    Mrs Marriner is imploring others to ensure their children wear safety gear.

    “Thank God he was wearing a helmet and body protector,” she said. “The angle he came down and hit the floor at cracked the helmet right through. It doesn’t matter how safe your pony is, accidents can happen. I can’t stress how scary the situation was.”

    jake marriner2

    Jake is back riding Molly, an 11-year-old 12.3hh Welsh pony, though he’s taking it slowly. Last year the pair won the supreme lead-rein championship at a local show.

    “He’s back at school, but he’s having some nightmares,” she added. “He got back on Molly for the first time last night, he was a bit nervous but in about five minutes he was walking around the school.”

    The accident was reported to the Metropolitan Police, however, as dirt bikes are not allowed on the road and have no licence plates, it is proving hard to find the rider.

    “They took a statement and are patrolling the area,” added Mrs Marriner.

    Those who have any information are urged to contact Sutton Police station by calling 101.

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