Children create poster to help make roads safer for horses

  • Four girls under 10 could help to make riders safer on the road thanks to their designs for a new poster.

    The girls won a competition launched by Thames Valley Police’s mounted section to design a poster for riders to put up in yards and on notice boards.

    The three winning designs were entered by: Hannah Zaky, six, from Wokingham, Sophia Sewell-Davies, aged eight from North Wales and a joint entry from Ellie Jones and Lillie Husbands, both aged seven from Milton Keynes.

    “We took aspects from each of the winning designs to produce the final poster,” said PC Kevin Simmons.

    The poster launched on 18 January features a rider wearing high visibility clothing on both hat and upper body.

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    The horse has a high visibility numnah, browband, neckstrap and boots.

    The words underneath urge riders to wear high visibility clothing, tell someone you’re going out riding and avoid hacking in the dark or bad weather.

    The girls who sent in the winning designs were taken on a visit to the stables at their local police stations as their prize.

    Hannah, Ellie and Lillie met the horses and officers at Milton Keynes police station.

    “They really enjoyed their visit and Hannah said afterwards one day she’d like to be a mounted police officer,” said PC Simmons.

    Sophia visited the mounted section in Merseyside.

    “She was very excited and couldn’t believe the size of the horses’ hooves,” added PC Simmons.

    The poster is available to download at: www.thamesvalley.police.uk/newsevents

    “We want riders to be safer on the roads and more visible,” said PC Simmons.

    Thames Valley Police offers the following safety advice to riders:

    • Always display fluorescent/reflective clothing on both horse and rider whatever the weather or light conditions.
    • Have an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact on both your horse and yourself.
    • Check that all tack is in a good state of repair and fitted correctly before riding out.
    • If at all avoidable, don’t ride in failing light, fog or darkness. Avoid icy or snowy roads.
    • If riding a horse that is not used to roads, ask a rider with a horse who is experienced and calm to accompany you.
    • Try to avoid riding more than two abreast on the road. If riding two abreast be prepared to go into single file on narrow roads to allow traffic to pass if safe to do so.
    • Always cross major crossings in a group, rather than trickling across one by one.
    • Leave details of your intended route and estimated time of return with a responsible person.
    • Ensure you thank motorists for slowing down.

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