Is your dog accident-prone?

  • New research has shown that some dog breeds are more accident prone than others

    New figures published by Tesco Personal Finance, which insures 100,000 pets nationwide, following a recent survey, show certain dog breeds are more likely to have accidents than others.

    Top of the “clumsy” list are chocolate Labradors with 55% of their owners making claims. Staffordshire Bull Terriers were close behind on 52%, followed by Rottweiler at 44%.

    At the bottom of the league are Standard and Miniature Poodles on 20%, with Shih Tzu on 22%.Head of Insurance at Tesco, Paul Baxter, says: “The findings seem to show that it’s the young, active and sometimes curious dogs who are more prone to accidents.

    “Those with a more passive lifestyle and likely to live inside aren’t so prone.”

    However he says owners shouldn’t worry about increased premiums.

    “Customers can always expect great value at Tesco. And we want to offer a great service for their pets too. We have made pet insurance affordable for everyone, so there is no need to worry about unexpected vet bills.”

    For more information visit www.tesco.co.uk/finance

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