iPhone applications launched to help horse owners

  • Horse owners with an iPhone or iPod Touch can now download new applications to help them run their equestrian lives.

    Developed by EquiApps.com, three new programmes are now available to help you estimate your horse’s weight, improve your horse’s tempo, and ensure you don’t forget anything on a show day.

    EquiCalc uses your horse’s heart girth measurement and the length from point of shoulder to point of buttock to estimate your horse’s weight, which can be useful when administering wormer and for feeding purposes. The app is designed to work with both imperial and metric figures.

    EquiTempo allows people taking part in dressage training to help their horses maintain a consistent tempo. This metronome facility can be plugged into an arena sound system and allows an instructor or friend to mark time for riders by giving a regular tick sound at a premeditated rate.

    And finally there is the EquiList — what the makers brand as a “simple digital checklist that can be used while preparing to attend a show or event”. A pre-loaded list of more than 100 items is organised into categories for travel, documents, grooming, tack and the rider. Users may then add, delete and customise the list to their particular needs and mark items off as they are packed.

    The apps can be downloaded from EquiApps.com.

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