In celebration of cowboys

  • An exhibition of photographs dedicated to the men of the great Wild West opens at London’s National Theatre tomorrow

    More than 100 images from Paris-based photographer Martin Schreiber on the life of a cowboy will be on view at London’s National Theatre from 14 February – 23 March.

    The exhibition will include new work – around a half of the exhibition – which has never been seen in the UK.

    A spokesperson for the exhibition said: ” This show is a social documentary providing an intriguing insight to a free-ranging lifestyle, which has been an inspiration for many writers and film-makers.

    “The images, which are also offered for sale, reveal raw masculinity and provoke a dream of a rural past.

    Czeck-born, Martin Schreiber emigrated to America in 1952. He has been documenting cowboy life for 14 years and has been the subject of more than 40 group and solo exhibitions as well as 14 books.

    Western author, Louis L’Amour, says of his work: ” These photographs of the contemporary cowboy are the best that I have ever seen.

    “Study the pictures well, for these are cowboys, and this is the work they do and the country in which they do it.

    “They are little changed. The men in these pictures could have ridden the old trails just as well as their ancestors long ago.”

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