ILPH transport for slaughter recommedations

    1. Decrease the total time spent on a vehicle, whether on the move or stationary, to 18 hours. This will consist of:
      • eight hours in transit
      • two hours for feeding and watering (on or off the lorry)
      • a further eight hours in transit
      • Horses unloaded and rested for at least 24 hours
      • A veterinary certificate stating the equines are fit to travel before the start of a new journey
    2. Compulsory 24-hour rest on entry to the EU
    3. Individual partitions, so each horse travels separately
    4. Improved vehicle construction to permit adequate provision of feed and water and temperature control
    5. Thorough training of transporters and staff involved in handling equines being transported, to minimise distress
    6. Detailed journey plans for the entire journey, prior to entering the EU and on entering the EU
    7. Thorough veterinary inspection at or before the start of a new journey
    8. Countries outside the EU to adopt and enforce EU legislation
    9. All EU member country to comply with any new directive
    10. Assistance for setting up abattoirs in source countries to encourage a move to carcass only trade, in preference to meat being transported live “on the hoof”

    Visit www.ilph.org to find out more about the ILPH’s work to improve conditions for horses being transported for slaughter.

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