ILPH Loan Scheme goes online

  • Experienced horse owners who are keen to re-home a horse from the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) can now view all the horses currently available on a new section of the ILPH website: www.ilph.org/hls/

    The ILPH currently has 1,800 horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes out on loan to approved homes but are always keen to hear from potential new borrowers, especially those looking for companion animals.

    Tony Tyler, director of the ILPH’s UK operations, says: “The introduction of the new online loan scheme is an exciting development for the ILPH. Potential borrowers will be able to see pictures, view details and apply for individual horses and ponies online. This will speed up the process of finding suitable loan homes, allowing us to take in more needy horses and ponies each year.”

    The website includes information about the ILPH rehoming process, including how horses are prepared for rehoming and the responsibilities of the borrower after receiving a horse on loan.

    The site also allows prospective borrowers to search for a horse which best suits their needs including what activities the horse is suitable for and the horse’s age, sex and type, as well as where it is currently located in Britain.

    Once people find a horse or pony they think might be suitable, they can also browse further information about the horse’s history and special needs – if any – and place an application to rehome the horse through the website. This information is passed directly to the appropriate centre manager.

    In addition to the centre managers, who are always happy to let visitors know what horses are currently available on their farms, Jenni Smith, ILPH loans officer can be contacted on (tel: 0870 873 1927) for further information on the loan scheme, or visit: www.ilph.org/hls/

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