How changing our habits could improve horses’ lives *H&H Plus*

  • Horse & Hound reports from the National Equine Forum, where topics included the importance of human behaviour change in relation to disease prevention and control

    Changing human behaviour could be key to improving welfare — and potentially averting an equine health crisis, according to experts at the National Equine Forum (NEF) today (5 March). Speakers covered areas from human psychology to strangles and wormer resistance, in presentations looking into how behaviour can be changed and why this is so important.

    NEF vice-chair Pat Harris told H&H information is no more than facts if not used.

    “Often one of the biggest challenges in applying new knowledge is providing it in a way that the user can understand why implementation is important,” she said. “Changing owner, rider, feeder behaviour is often key, which is why this year’s NEF has chosen to concentrate on this critical issue.”

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