Hound puppies stolen

  • Hound puppies from the Puckeridge hunt in Essex have been stolen from their puppy walker

    A dedicated puppy walker has had three Foxhound puppies belonging to the Puckeridge hunt stolen from her riding school near Saffron Walden in Essex.

    The two bitches and one dog were housed in a stable near the tackroom. The thieves entered the yard between 10pm and 6am on Saturday (13 July). There was also evidence that the intruders tried to enter the tackroom, although nothing was stolen.

    The 12-week-old pups were all tattooed with distinctive and individual marks in both their right and left ears.

    The black and tan bitch was marked with B3 in herleft ear and 02 in her right. The other bitch is lemon and white and marked with B2 in her left ear and 02 in her right. The dog is tri-coloured and marked with B1 in his right ear and 02 in his left.

    Thieves steal pups

    Kennel huntsman Gerald Sumner believes there are several possible theories as to why the dogs have been taken.

    “Thieves have broken in and taken the pups to keep them quiet,” he said. “Or else they may have taken them thinking they were pointer puppies, as their collars and leads have been taken as well.”

    According to experts, there is a misconception about the suitability of hounds as pets. When they are puppies they look very cute, but they don’t make good pets as Gerald Sumner explains:

    Hound puppies grow into big dogs standing around 50ins at the shoulder, as a pack animal they are not happy on their own, kept in small spaces. They require plenty of exercise and have a tendency to chew and destroy.”

    This is not the first time that the Puckeridge have had hound puppies stolen. Last year, thieves stole three puppies, and although one was found 12 months later, the other two are still missing.

    Anyone with any information about the stolen puppies should contact the Puckeridge hunt kennels (tel: 01279 777241)

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