Horses in Amersham centre of another RSPCA raid

  • The RSPCA visited a farm in Amersham last Friday following a tip-off about horse cruelty from a member of the public.

    Last month, the RSPCA helped co-ordinate the massive rescue of 111 horses, ponies and donkey from Spindles Farm, Amersham, owned by Jamie Gray. During the raid on the premises on 4 January, some 32 equines were also found dead at Spindles Farm.

    While the RSPCA is refusing to comment on whether the property raided on Friday is Spindles Farm, an RSPCA spokesman told H&H: “The RSPCA visited a farm in Amersham on Friday in response to a complaint regarding 18 horses.

    “We are investigating the complaint along with the police and representatives from Trading Standards, but are unable to say more until the condition of the animals has been fully assessed.”

    The RSPCA is still conducting an investigation into the conditions of the animals discovered in January, with the view to taking a prosecution against Jamie Gray.

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