Horsebox company moves to fill box hire void in the North

  • Northern Horseboxes of Darlington is inviting enterprising equestrians in the north east to set up horse transport and horsebox hire businesses.

    The company recognised the lack of horsebox hire companies in northern areas of the UK so has devised a package offering the help and advice to start a small company based on one of their 3.5 tonne RunStar Horse Shuttles.

    “People often mention to us when buying a horsebox that they only use it for a couple of days a week, the rest of time it’s sitting in a corner,” said Mike Crawley of Northern Horseboxes.

    “However with our scheme it could now be earning its own keep.”

    Over the past two years Northern Horseboxes has helped four customers set up their own horsebox businesses.

    Mr Crawley added: “The new package includes everything from the horsebox, logos, websites, PR, advice and follow up help.

    “We are always here to give advice and bounce ideas off.”

    For more information on the scheme, call Northern Horseboxes on 01325
    460500 or visit www.northernhorseboxes.co.uk

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