Horse thrown into the air in horror car collision caught on CCTV *warning, distressing video*

  • Police are investigating after a horrific collision between a car and two horses was recorded on CCTV.

    In a video which has since been widely shared online, a chestnut and a piebald are seen being ridden along a road in Witcham, Cambridgeshire, on Friday (3 March).

    As the riders, both wearing high-vis clothing, approach a bend in the road, a car is seen driving towards them from the opposite direction.

    The vehicle, on the wrong side of the road, collided with the pair. The piebald, who was slightly in front, was thrown into the air, while the chestnut was knocked sideways on to the verge.

    Both horses were based at Witcham Equestrian Centre.

    A spokesman for the centre said on Friday evening: “Patsy was hit by a car but has been treated by the vet and we will keep you up to date with her recovery over the coming weeks. Jane Huck, Verity and Fleur are bruised and shocked.

    “Thank you to everyone who helped the horses and riders.”

    The centre declined to comment further on the incident as it is being investigated by police.

    But in a further statement on Saturday, a spokesman said: “We would like to say that we are very grateful for the concern that people have shown for both the horses and riders involved in yesterday’s accident.

    “We will post progress on the horses as appropriate. Patsy had a good night last night and was eagerly looking for treats this morning! Fleur also was fine this morning. Riders are stiff but ok.”

    A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police confirmed the matter is under investigation but that no arrests have been made.

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    “The campaign was awarded driver education campaign of the year by the Driving Instructors’ Association, and has received support from the Department for Transport and Jake Berry MP. The BHS continues to promote the Dead Slow campaign, it is hoped that the message will save lives”.

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