‘Heartbroken’ owner appeals to drivers after beloved mare killed in collision

  • A ‘heartbroken’ owner has pleaded to drivers to take care when passing horses after her mare was killed in a road accident.

    Essex-based Laura Thorogood was hacking out with a friend on her 14.1hh Welsh cross mare, Angel, on 17 November when the collision took place.

    Laura and Angel were approaching a bend on Canewdon Road, Rochford, when they were hit by a car from behind.

    “There was a massive bang and I just flew up in the air, doing a somersault,” Ms Thorogood told H&H.

    “Everything become a bit hazy from then but recall a driver who witnessed the accident rush over to me and call an ambulance.

    “My poor Angel had taken full impact of the car and my friend’s horse had been clipped on his back leg.”

    Both horses bolted and Ms Thorogood’s friend fell off further down the road.

    East of England Ambulance Service sent an ambulance officer, rapid response vehicle and ambulance to care for Ms Thorogood.

    “I didn’t know what state Angel was in and wasn’t able to move until the ambulance crew arrived,” she said.

    “I was initially checked and observed and all I wanted to do was get to my poor horse.

    “She lost an awful lot of blood. She had hobbled down the road to my friend, probably with a broken leg, and she was holding her up until the vet arrived.”

    Unfortunately Angel had to be put down due to the severity of her injuries.

    Ms Thorogood, who was wearing high-viz at the time of the accident, has been left “very sore and stiff” but was not seriously injured.

    Ms Thorogood said the driver involved in the collision did not break or swerve before she hit Angel.

    She now wants to raise awareness of the importance of driving safely around horses.

    “I am just absolutely heartbroken I have lost her to someone’s carelessness,” she said.

    “Angel was a massive part of my life, she had been through everything with me.

    “People need to appreciate, whether a horse owner or not, that when your driving on the roads and see a horse, no matter how much of a hurry you’re in, that someone’s life is at risk.

    “Luckily mine was saved by my horse who lost hers for me.”

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    Ms Thorogood has set up a group on Facebook for local equestrians and supporters, called Canewdon Equestrians, in a bid to make Canewdon Road and the surrounding area safer for riders.

    “We hope to present two separate petitions, one targeted locally to Rochford District Council to ensure our country roads are made safer and a second petition through change.org to highlight the dangers present to all road users and not just equestrians,” she added.

    “I have just been overwhelmed by everyone’s support and kind wishes.

    “It doesn’t take the pain away of losing my beloved horse, but I hope I can make roads safer for other riders in the area so nothing like this so tragic happens again.

    “Our voices need to be heard.”

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