Horse suffers horrific wound while trying to flee from fireworks *Warning: graphic image*

  • A horse suffered a horrifying 10cm deep wound when he impaled himself on a fence post in a blind panic while he tried to flee from nearby fireworks.

    Laura Riding’s six-year-old Irish sports gelding Harry was found at 8am on Saturday (2 November) impaled on a fence post within a hedge.

    **Warning: very graphic image**

    Laura told H&H it is thought Harry had tried to escape fireworks going off at a nearby housing estate in Holywell, North Wales.

    “We assume he tried to jump out of the field in a blind panic over a five-foot hedge,” she said. “He impaled his back leg on a post and we believe he was lying in the ditch all night.

    “The yard owner, Lily Roberts, immediately phoned the RSPCA, a farmer, and vet for help. Lily knew I was at work and didn’t want to panic me so they tried to get him out first but she phoned me at 10am and when I arrived they were still trying to get him out.”

    Laura said she was in shock when she saw Harry’s wound.

    “The wound was awful, it was disgusting. The vet sedated him and gave him painkillers. The post was no longer in his leg but it was difficult trying to get the straps around his leg and not aggravate the wound more,” she said.

    “Everyone who helped was amazing, the whole thing took almost five hours. We got him pulled out with a tractor and he was taken to R D Owen Equine Clinic. The vets said they were amazed Harry was still here as he was so close to hitting an artery.”

    Laura said it is not known if Harry, who is still in hospital, will return to ridden work.

    “The main thing is he’s still here,” she said. “It wasn’t a clean cut and he has torn his hamstring. The back half of his leg was ripped open with a 10cm deep wound all the way round. The vet stitched it but once he was in the recovery stable the sitches burst so they are having to treat it as an open wound,” she said.

    “Harry has got such a such a wise head on his shoulders, everyone loves him. He’s so sensible and chilled out – he’s not the type of horse to try and jump out of a field. I’ve been visiting him at the hospital and he seems brighter, he can be very food-orientated so bringing him carrots has cheered him up.”

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    Laura would like to see a ban on the sale of fireworks to the public.

    “I think fireworks should be for organised displays only and on set dates. Once a firework is let off the damage is done and you can’t prove who did it,” she said.

    “I hope by sharing what happened to Harry something good can come out of ths by raising awareness. It’s not fair that this can happen.”

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