Horse releases music album

  • Ozzie is no ordinary Connemara — at six-years-old he had a book written about him, he has two videos out, and now, aged 12 has released a rap album.

    “Sing with Ozzie the Talking Horse” is a collection of ten rap songs written and produced by his owner and app publisher Elaine Heney from Tipperary.

    “I joked he talked to me as he was always twisting his head and stamping his foot so I thought it would be great fun for him to make an album and an app,” she said.

    The album features tracks such as “How to be a horse”, “Mad cows”, “Giddy up”, “Ozzie baby”, “Hollywood horse” and “Yoga pony”.

    Ozzie enjoyed making the album said Elaine as it enabled him “to eat a huge amount of apples.”

    “His dream is have a combined UK and US number 1 and be invited to perform on the X-Factor,” she told H&H.

    The album was launched on iTunes on 11 December, just in time for children’s Christmas holidays.

    On 18 December his free iPhone and iPad app, “Sing with Ozzie” came out with all his songs and music videos. On this interactive app Ozzie will be answering fans’ questions, so get involved to find out what it takes to be an all-singing horse.

    For more information visit: www.ozziethetalkinghorse.com

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