Horse & Hound website sets new record

  • Horseandhound.co.uk enjoyed its most successful day ever on Monday 27 April when readers viewed a massive 423,179 pages during 24hrs. This was a 15% increase on the previous daily best in March.

    Publishing director Simon Hare puts the site’s success down to the continued focus on core pillars on the site. “All the work Horseandhound.co.uk team has been doing on news and horses for sale, plus the increased reliability of our huge forums is really paying dividends on all levels.”

    Website editor Carol Phillips explained: “Unfortunately bad news is usually good for Horseandhound.co.uk and following the tragic death of a professional rider on Sunday, the equestrian community converged on our news section to find out what had happened and to share their loss and memories in our forums.

    “On a more positive note, the surge in numbers of horses for sale has also led to increased page views over the last few weeks.”

    March website stats

    • Page views: 9,168,445
    • Unique visitors: 296,694
    • Visits: 709,681

    Website stats collected by Omniture

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