Horse & Hound launches two new magazine series

  • Two great new series launch in Horse & Hound magazine this week.

    As the horseworld counts down to Greenwich, don’t miss our exclusive ‘Olympic Spotlight’ feature. This highly-visual page features a portrait of a well-known equestrian in a rather unusual pose – check out young Irish eventer Camilla Speirs on p20 of this week’s issue for a flavour.

    A new back page also makes its debut in H&H this week – ‘The Moment’. This series hands our back page over to a famous rider, who chooses a picture that means a lot to them and tells us the story behind it. The page kicks off with Lucinda Fredericks and the much-loved Headley Britannia – turn to p115 to read Lucinda’s story in full.

    And please do let us know what you think of our new pages by emailing hhletters@ipcmedia.com

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