Horse goes missing following a day out with bloodhounds in Hampshire

  • A worried owner is appealing for information about his daughter’s horse after it disappeared following a day out with the bloodhounds in Hampshire on Sunday (6 December).

    Lily, a 15.2hh bay roan with a large white blaze and white socks, went missing on Sunday after following the Southdown Bloodhouds.

    The horse was last seen at around 2.30pm in the Colemore area in full tack.

    The meet was Stocks Farm, Privett, and Lily bolted before she was loaded to go home.

    horse belongs to Dominic Hubble’s 14-year-old daughter, Daisy.

    “Lily reared when she was being untacked and bolted. She was headed towards Colemore on Sunday at about 2.30pm and hasn’t been seen since.

    “Daisy’s is being very brave but obviously she’s very upset.”

    If anybody sees or hears of it please call Dominic Hubble on 07901 511107, Jane Johnsen on 07799 321903 or the Countryside Alliance on 0207 840 9220.

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